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This is a fascinating topic. When you implant a goal in your brain, how do you know the time has come to let go of the goal or keep pushing ? After all, what is a good photograph.

The first thing to understand in this question is the difference between your brain and You. Yes you heard that right. You and your brain are not synonymous. Your brain is a goal achieving mechanism and You are a conscious being. You as a conscious being wants to pursue those  goals that  can lead to more goodness for your self and others. As opposed to your brain, which being a goal achieving mechanism, sees them as mere milestones and measures  its achievement based on it. When a goal is achieved, it feels good and thinks that it made progress. Check the top bay area wedding photographers here.
When the goal is dropped, it seems to think that you are “giving up”. Yes, from the brains perceptive, it might appear that way but from your perceptive it might not be.

For You, the goal is goodness and not the achievement of a particular goal in question. It might be better in certain situations to drop the immediate goal and channel the limited brain power towards something which we clearly see, taking us to more goodness. Asking a simple question can help to ensure that we  don’t drop the goal just because it is getting hard or we feel lazy.But in case you hurt yourself then yon need a chiropractor care. See here best santa rosa chiropractor or

“Are we dropping this goal because we are finding it hard to achieve and not making  tangible progress or are we dropping it because we know clearly that there are better goals at the moment which we can go after; And which will result in more goodness than the existing goal. In addition to photography, videography is also very important for any wedding. Check out wedding videography bay area ca here for more insights.

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